QUIZ SHOW - Features

Quiz Show is a customizable question and answer game for up to four players or teams. It's features include:

  • Animated avatars
  • Customizable topics, questions and answers
  • Two unique player response systems (buzzers) including use of Wii remotes/nunchuks
  • Setup and retrieve games
  • Questions may include images or audio
  • Flexible and multiple answers
  • Scores auto updated
  • Print answer sheets
  • Print student worksheets
  • Change the time limit
  • Choose the game length
  • Password protection of the questions and answers
  • Spelling of answers can be lenient or strict. (Use strict for spelling words.)
Quiz Show screenshot showing questoin and wii remote/nunchuk

Designed for classroom use with a data projector. Great for office parties and home gatherings connected to an HDTV as well. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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(NOTE: Large file: 6.8 MB)

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