About Tricalico Interative

Being an analytical person by nature, programming comes pretty easy for Stephen Hustedde, but he has been greatly inspired by the creative people in his life and worked hard to develop artistic skills and an eye for design. Developing ‘both sides of the brain’ has made Stephen a gifted and creative software developer.

Earning an M.Ed. in Educational Media and Computers from Arizona State University in 1991, Stephen has a passion for teaching and developing quality instructional materials that engage the learner. He has taught college programming and multimedia production courses fulltime since 2000, having taught part time for ten years prior to that. Prior to that, Stephen worked as an instructional technologist for twelve years at Arizona State University creating instructional digital materials and helping faculty incorporate technology into their classes.

Stephen founded Tricalico Interactive in 1997 after writing a programming textbook on using Asymetrix ToolBook to create desktop applications and interactive media. A reader of the book utilized some of the included software examples in his high school class and upon finding the students more engaged in the content, urged Stephen to produce and market more 'edutainment' games for classroom use. With some reluctance, a small business was formed and here we are over thirteen years later.

Our products have served a good life and benefitted users across the country as well as across the globe. But the applications now need to mature and include new exciting technologies we didn’t have ten years ago. So our product line is being completely rewritten from the ground up. We are excited to offer our first Adobe Air application for Windows/Macintosh that can utilize Wii gaming system remotes for an improved student/teacher experience. Check out the Quiz Show game. We are also looking forward to working on applications for the mobile market (Android and iPhone) in 2011.

Stephen Hustedde