Quiz Show (Windows/Macintosh)
Quiz Show, a customizable classroom game for review, assessment, and fun! Quiz Show is very unique in its features including the ability fo use the Wii remotes from a Nintendo Wii gaming systems as a buzzer response system.It features over 800 animated avatars and fully customizable question and answer content. Click the screen graphic below for more information.

Quiz Show game screen
Click the screen shot above for more details.

Comes with over 250 topics, but you can easily add your own topics, questions and answers for your classroom content and even share those with other teachers via the export/import feature.

Reduce your prep time
Specific games can be setup in advance and used from class to class or semester to semester.

Great for home gatherings and office parties as well.

On sale for $15 (40% off!)

Quiz Show can utilize Wii game remotes and nunchuks as buzzers with your PC or Mac. No more arguments over who raised their hand first.